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Change is coming soon...

In the meantime, I've set up a few micro sites:

BMW 700 Sport
Micro quadcopter print and build
Faller H0 Car System DHL Truck RC Conversion
AJS 37 Viggen Depron Build

Guestbook/contact page is back

After a few years absence, and some new back-end logic I have now added back the guestbook under "contacts". Let's hope that I can avoid the spambots this time.

Ford A #5 2011

Since my Model A was featured in Ford A 5:2011 by Svenska A-Fordarna with a reference to my gallery I feel that a direct link to the gallery might be in place. ;-)

Nexus One subpixel fail

Today, February 2nd 2010, I got held a Google Nexus One in my hands for the very first time. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the great feel and build quality and the bright display...

But after a few seconds I discovered something scary - something is just wrong with the display. After looking more carefully it seems like every other scanline is offset one pixel - the bright new AMOLED looks like an old shadowmask CRT!

A quick search on the Internet brought me to a blog that explains why.

I can clearly see the artifacts and am really annoyed by especially the text rendering. Please visit the gallery to see the difference yourself.

Western Digital hard drives does not support booting Linux!

I've recently bought a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB (WD1001FAALS) which fails to cold boot on my DG965OT Intel system. The problem seems to be that the disk doesn't get ready so the BIOS ignores it as a boot device. After a reset or warm reboot it boots just fine.

After contacting Western Digital technical support I can more or less summarize their reply with that they only support booting Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The full conversation can be found here


I think it is time to officially declare Pinfjant dead, or at least the iteration that was going to result in Pinball Partyland. I still have the ambition to create a pinball arcade simulator some day, even if there are no timeframe or planned platforms yet...

Some background: We all know that Cowboy Rodeo from Finland has made a great job of porting Pinball Fantasies (and Dreams) to the iPhone and PSP. It is a great port even if it is a bit disturbing to me. A few years ago I started working on "Pinfjant" which was going to be a Pinball Fantasies port for mobile, and after contact with Digital Illusions CE i tried to get the rights from the current right-holders Rebellion, who unfortunately failed to answer repeatedly. Now, a few years later a fresh port to the iPhone and the death of J2ME makes this project much less interesting to complete and is therefor now officially dead.