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2012-02-28 - Ford A #5 2011 arrives

This number from Svenska A-Fordarna (The Swedish Ford Model A's) included a nice feature with two Model A's in Skåne, and mine is one of them.

2011-05-27 - The micro m2 v3 finally arrives!

Stay tuned for more updates...

2008-03-24 - Pocketrocket 1:18 OR Nats

Long time since last update, but today I was participating in the Swedish 1:18 OR Nationals in Halmstad. A great track with an incredibly entertaining huge jump at the end of the straight. Since I finished 12th overall they had to invent a special award for my air stunts - Best jump of the year. Many thanks to Halmstad RC and for a great event!

2007-05-13 - The new server is up

Today I have finally switched to the new server, a WRAP from Not that impressive hardware, just a 233mhz 486 with 128MB RAM, but still a lot better and most important more silent than the old Pentium 100.

2007-02-09 - Pinball

Due to the complexity of the Partyland table I have descided to go with a simpler table for the first mobile pinball version, just to get the physics right. When everything works as it should it won't be too much work to change back to the original table again.

2006-09-03 - Pinball PartyLand Screenshots

The iteration/build 013 of Pinball PartyLand for J2ME, MIDP 2.0 is now completed together with iteration 086 of the graphics. Still no official release, but if you look around you may find the screenshots ;-)

2006-08-14 18:58 - Majjka now sleeps for ever

2006-08-14 16:32 - Last phone call, 00:44:12

2006-04-19 - Pinball MIDlet progress

Looping MP3 music works fine and now we got a bouncing ball and animated flippers. Soon i think the J2ME version will have more features than the C tests. Still no official releases. (I have to get permissions from the original table authors first) Phones that are tested so far are Sony Ericsson K600i, W800i (so K750i should work), W810i and Nokia N70 (6630 and 6680 does not work).

2006-04-15 - Pinball MIDlet test

Today I made the first tests with a scrolling table and MIDI music on my new phone, which i mainly bought for this reason ;-)

2006-04-09 - Pinball physics test

I am currently rewriting the pinball physics test that will eventually evolve into a full featured pinball game for all platforms supporting SDL and SDL_image and later even MIDP2.0 enabled cellphones.

2006-03-27 - Majjka is back

This is a happy day!

2006-01-14 - Hello Majjka

2005-08-12 - Photo gallery

Two days ago I started writing a photo gallery in php, today I finished integrating it into And you said nothing changes here?

2005-06-16 - Sitewide updates

Electronics section added, but no project details are yet revealed. I also tried some graphical frontpages for the different sections, but descided not to use them. BTW, i fixed some of the invalid HTML-codes, so most of the site should now be Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!

2005-05-21 - Time for some news

Long time has passed since last time i cared to write something here. Since last time some minor updates have been made to diod, but it is still quite unstable. I have been working quite a lot on some electronics projects, and I think that there might be a new section for that in the near future.

2005-01-04 - new diod again

diod 2.7.3, hope everything works now, I was so excited about the automatic bitrate calculationstuff so I completely missed that I broke everything else.

2004-12-31 - diod pointrelease

Happy new year, here comes diod 2.7.2!

2004-12-27 - Reconfiguration

This servers kernel have been reconfigured, and some probably bad memory modules have been removed.

2004-12-23 - Official release of diod!

Today is the official release day of diod 2.7.1, exactly one year after the non-public release of 2.7.0! Happy X-mas!

2004-12-15 - Guestbook modifications

Today the guestbook finally seems to be finished, changed the code structure to allow easier modifications for other sites in the future. Perhaps I will add the "show only last 10 posts" functionality to this news-page too, but from now on other software development has got higher priority - I want to get the next release of diod finished on the 23rd, exactly one year since last release!

2004-11-30 - The new site is finally up

Now it seems like the new design is ready to use, still some minor adjustments to do but I decided to put it up and start to transter the texts from the old sites.

2004-11-18 - Technical base is almost finished

As of 23:18 the PHP- and file-structure seems to be ready. The new modular design should make it very easy to add or remove information and since the layout is completely separated from the content it is possible to change the layout whenever I want to, and even support multiple site designs.

2004-11-15 - Initial work done

Today I started working with the new site. The basic layout and initial work on the stylesheets were made.